Trees and Sustainability

The Master Plan contemplates the preservation or relocation of as many mature trees on site as is feasible, and the addition of new drought tolerant trees and plantings.  As part of the Master Planning process, the school undertook an extensive inventory of its trees and foliage and based on this intensive study, the site plan for the campus has been altered to eliminate disruption of mature trees that are not good candidates for relocation.

Castilleja’s commitment to sustainability does not stop at the campus edge.  The school is a regional leader in sustainability, and the Master Plan will meet LEED Platinum standards, and is a thoughtful, two-phased effort that seeks net zero energy usage and utilizes renewable energy sources.  This includes the installation of solar panels, a reduction in food service deliveries, and increased bike parking.

Casti is not only committed to minimizing its environmental footprint on campus but also integrates environmental education into the curriculum. By teaching students to be environmental stewards, the seed of conservation activism is planted in the next generation of leaders.