Parking and TDM

We believe the enrollment growth over four years proposed in our amended Conditional Use Permit should be contingent upon mitigating neighborhood impacts including traffic and parking.

According to projections, Castilleja can increase enrollment by 25 students per year up to 540 students without creating additional traffic impacts on the neighborhood.  As part of its Master Plan proposal, Castilleja is contemplating construction of an underground parking garage with 115 spaces.  Our new design, submitted April 28, 2017, is a response to feedback from neighbors and features a well-disguised driveway aligned with Melville Ave. exiting from an underground garage that is well integrated into the neighborhood through lush landscaping and mature trees.

Comparing the plans above, the new layout moves the exit directly across from Melville Avenue for improved circulation and more limited impact on neighborhood homes.    

What is Traffic Demand Management?

As Castilleja realizes its plans, the implementation of the already-successful Traffic Demand Management (TDM) plan will be expanded. 

Single occupancy vehicles and auto use in general have already been greatly-curtailed around campus. Castilleja is committed to continuing to show progress in annual audits by independent traffic engineers in order to grow its enrollment.