E-mail City Council

Dear Mayor Filseth and members of City Council,

My name is and I live in , . I am writing to express my support for Castilleja School’s new Master Plan and Conditional Use Permit application.

I am very happy that the DEIR found Castilleja’s proposal to be 100% compliant with Palo Alto’s Comprehensive Plan. The school and the City predate all of us and have a rich history together. Through this proposal, we hope to create the best possible future for the school, the neighborhood, and the City.

The DEIR supports Castilleja’s project in many important and exciting ways, including a new campus design that is more compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood; LEED Platinum Environmental measures that surpass Palo Alto’s sustainability goals; a Traffic Demand Management Program that could allow for increased enrollment without increasing daily trips to campus; and an underground garage that is preferred over surface parking.

Castilleja was founded 112 years ago to equalize educational opportunities for women. I support Castilleja because .

I hope you will support Castilleja as it seeks to modernize its campus and gradually increase high school enrollment while minimizing its impact on the neighborhood.